The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education activity of training adult educators is closely linked to the centre's evaluation, research, and development activities; its goal is the transfer of new knowledge and research findings into practice. Attention is primarily given to basic and further training of adult education providers - those educators who need andragogical skills in their work with adults.

The training of adult educators at SIAE is diverse and includes:

  • developing programmes of general basic and further training for adult educators;
  • training the experts who participate in realisation and implementation of the SIAE development projects and their results into educational practice;
  • informative and educational meetings for the wider professional audience;
  • preparing local and international educational events (conferences, debates).

When planning training contents we follow the needs caused by different social circumstances and keep in mind individual needs of adult learners. We strive to work with acknowledged experts and lecturers on quality who not only have theoretical and practical knowledge but are also experts in different areas of adult learning.

Our lecturers are SIAE employees or our outside partners, recognised experts who work in different fields of adult learning and education.

With the help of the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport we have published different brochures and redesigned web pages that we update on a regular basis.

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The secret in education lies in respecting the student.
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