Counsellor in adult education

Adult education counsellor provides assistance to adults in education and learning – he/she helps the participants, for example, to decide for education, advises them in the planning, organisation and implementation of learning, assists them in overcoming learning and other barriers that are related to education, counsels the participants in planning their future educational path and similar.
The practice analysis of adult education shows that an adult educator who performs counselling work may have two roles.
  • the role of independent counsellor in adult education (e.g. counsellor at the adult education guidance centres - ISIO centers),
  • the role of adult educator, who performs part of his/her tasks as a counsellor (e.g. counsellor in adult educational organisation, counsellors at self-directed learning centres etc.)
Lately, another specific role of counsellors in adult education has been introduced: quality counsellor of adult education, who offers within adult education organisations counselling assistance at various stages of processes for identifying, assessing and developing the quality.

So far, we have developed a competence scheme for the following roles of counsellors in adult education:

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