About the Catalogue of training programmes for adult educators

The programmes in the catalogue are divided into two groups:

Every programme in the catalogue is introduced with the following details:

  • name of the programme
  • reasons for programme development
  • target group
  • goals/competencies
  • programme duration
  • requirements for taking part in the programme, recognition of prior learning, conditions for promotion/progress, conditions to complete the programme
  • compulsory methods of knowledge testing and evaluation
  • organisation of education
  • clusters/subject fields/curriculum/themes
  • certificate
  • programme creators
The offer of training programmes presented in the following two tables currently comprises of 46 different educational programmes, lasting from 8 to 200 hours of organized education in which each year more than 900 educators from all across Slovenia are trained. Some of the programmes are designed modularly, so they allow the participants to individually assemble separate contents.

Training events
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