Participants who will take part in a SIAE training programme longer than 24 contact hours have the possibility to ask for the recognition of their prior learning.

The procedure begins with the request of an individual, submitted on the appropriate forms with necessary certificates enclosed. The procedure of recognising prior learning at the SIAE is based on the assessment of evidence submitted by the candidate. Acceptable evidence includes:

  • public and other certificates;
  • products, publications, authorship of other works;
  • appropriate references of knowledge, acquired through work and other life experience.

The SIAE recognises the candidate's prior learning regardless of where and how the candidate acquired it, if she or he proves that this knowledge is in contents and complexity fully or in parts adequate for the goals, contents, and complexity of the educational or training programmes at the SIAE.

The procedures of recognition of prior learning are conducted by the SIAE Commission for Recognition of Prior Learning, nominated by the SIAE director. Its work is based on the Rules on the recognition of prior learning to participants in SIAE training programmes, which the SIAE council adopted in 2011.

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