The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education is located at Šmartinska 134a, on the 2nd floor of the Gradis building (behind the red Emona tower block, next to the Mikrocop building - the building with black glass facade). Nearby, the BTC City shopping area and Kristalna palača (Crystal Palace) can be found.

If you are arriving by car you can park for free on the BTC parking at the end of Hala A by the roundabout, just off the fruit and vegetable market. The SIAE is about 10 minutes away on foot. Currently it is also possible to park on the gravel parking lot by the Kristalna palača near the Gradis building.

You can also reach us on public transport from the centre of the city: take buses number 7 (to Nove Jarše) and number 27 (to Letališka) and get off at the stop Jarše.

Slovenian Institute for Adult Education
Šmartinska 134a
SI-1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 1 5842 560
F: +386 1 5842 550
E: info@acs.si

Enter in Gradis building

Hall of SIAE

Hall of SIAE

SIAE in Gradis building

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